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Welcome to Bill Montecucco Attorney at Law, PS!

For nearly 20 years, Bill Montecucco has been representing diverse clients in Vancouver, providing unmatched legal counsel and exceptional service. His experience in some of the most difficult cases and legal proceedings—from representing DUI and criminal defendants to settling contentious and complex land disputes for homeowner's associations and winning settlements and jury verdicts for plaintiffs who have been wronged by others— is unparalleled.

Bill is an expert in different areas of law in the Vancouver area, providing counsel and guidance across key practices including criminal misdemeanor, defense, real estate, wills, civil litigation, personal injury, contracts, collections, traffic violations, and business law. He is one of the most respected Vancouver attorneys in the Vancouver Washington area, with a strong reputation built around valued relationships and long-term partnerships with the people and the community.

His unique approaches are all based on real-world legal experiences and expertise, ensuring that all clients—whether an individual or an entire business entity—receives effective and relevant counsel according to your legal situation and tailored to your needs.

Setting the highest standard on every case handled, Bill's practice in Vancouver is all about providing the best and most satisfactory results for clients at an affordable rate. He offers comprehensive representation to assist you in a wide range of business and personal matters. Bill guarantees high-quality representation mindful of your situation, time, costs, and your efforts.

Bill practices general law in the Vancouver area but focuses on driving infractions, personal injury, criminal misdemeanor defense, real estate matters, and other civil litigation matters. He will never compromise a case by taking on legal matters outside of his expertise. He is not above referring cases to highly recommended colleagues (all family law cases are referred to Family Law Attorney, Rob Milesnick).

Bill can act as your advocate, advisor, counselor, and representative who will talk to you about and walk you through all your legal options, depending on your situation. As a general practice attorney in Vancouver, he handles cases that overlap across a range of common practice areas.

Having a attorney in Vancouver who truly listens to you, takes time to understand every facet of your case, has enough experience in the area of law concerned, and knows the ins and outs of the courtroom puts you in your best position to succeed. If you need such a lawyer in Vancouver, contact the office of Bill Montecucco. Fill up our information request form on this website or call us at 360-735-8555. You can also drop by our office at 1914 Broadway, Vancouver WA.